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Welcome to the official site of KonTagiouZ Soundz Producktionz (KSP) and Make An Impact Music Publishing (BMI).

KSP is a Christian owned music production company providing urban music production, songwriting, recording, editing and mixing, audio post production and record producer services for record labels, recording artists, video games, films, and television and radio advertisements. Founded in 2000, by Black Music Award winning producer Christopher "Trill Notez" Harold, KSP is determined to make an impact in the world with its atypical sound. KSP has created music for numerous artists, movies, and huge organizations such as CA Dept of Health Services, Sacramento Kings, Runyon Saltzman and Einhorn Ad Agency, KBMB 103.5, K.O. Video, The Lost Soul and more.

This is also the home of Make an Impact Ministries which consists of inspirational rap and R&B music group, Kontagiouz. Also, MIM puts on workshops dealing with the current hip hop culture, mainstream music, youth sex, and the Word of God. Our mission is to provide an alternative in music that is negatively influencing and corrupting today's society. We will reach all with a contrary message to what is being presented in mainstream music, entertainment, views, teachings, etc today.

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